Shaun Loughrey, was born and raised in England, son of the well known country singer Johnny Loughrey. He settled in Ireland after his father passed away and fronted his fathers band. Now living in Fermanagh, he still has a five piece band but does a few solo gigs as well. He is known for songs such as ” Until You Have Walked In My Shoes”, Back Home To You”, “Keep Me In Your Prayers Tonight”, The Long Black Veil”, “Look At Us”, It Still Takes A Woman To Build You A Home” . Shaun does a number of tours of England and Scotland each year as well as appearing as a guest on various tours in Spain and Portugal. He puts great energy into his shows and this is one must see country music gig. There is NO COVER CHARGE   

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Nolan’s Bar | Country Music by the Viaduct -Shaun Loughrey

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