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Live Music at The Pheasant with…

Live Music at The Pheasant with

Live Band (TBC)


13 Aug 2022


9:00 pm
The Pheasant


The Pheasant
86 Duleek St, Lagavooren, Drogheda

A truely modern bar and grill steeped in history. A pub has been situated at No.86 Duleek St since the mid 1700`s Most notably owned by a renowned eccentric known as The Barber ( Thomas Callan ). A man made famous by his antics during World War 2 . He drank all the pubs whisky rations himself . Closing for business the day they arrived and reopening when he sobered up due to his supply running out . He repeated this procedure the next delivery day ... thus beer was the only staple for his customers .. How things have changed . The current pub has one of the largest selections of spitrits in the North-east.